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We do numerous types of Installations.

AUTOMATIC FIRE SPRINKLER INSTALLATIONS, performs Residential and Trash Compactor sprinkler system inspections.

  • Our Inspectors have all proper certificates of fitness, experience and the proper training.

We thoroughly inspect sprinkler systems in residential buildings, businesses and garbage compactors. This service enables property owners to preventively fix any defects in their equipment and ensure it will function correctly in a fire. Our staff also identifies minor issues that could develop into more serious problems if they aren’t addressed soon. Like any type of machine or building inspection, this reduces maintenance and repair costs in the long run.

More About Our Inspection Services

Sprinkler system inspections require great attention to detail. Even a seemingly minor flaw may lead to significant safety hazards if a building catches fire. Our inspectors carefully examine many different components during this process. They look at valves, sprinkler heads, piping and various other equipment. This ensures that we can detect a wide range of problems. After inspecting systems, our staff clearly communicates the findings to clients and recommends any corrective action that may be necessary. An inspection is even more beneficial when combined with our testing services.


We employ certified inspectors with the appropriate training and expertise. They know how to identify any significant sprinkler problem and explain it to clients. Long-term experience gives them the ability to spot defects that new inspectors could easily overlook. Our staff serves customers throughout America’s largest city. Automatic Sprinkler Installations’ co-owners each possess over 25 years of experience in the fire sprinkler industry. Everyone at our company works hard to completely satisfy each client and maximize safety in every facility that we serve.