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Testing Services

We offer all types of testing
  • Fire Department Testing
  • Insurance Company
  • Fire Pump Testing
  • Obstruction Investigation
  • Dry Valve (Trip Testing)
  • All NFPA 25 Standard Testing

Our sprinkler maintenance firm performs many different testing services. We conduct insurance company and fire department tests. The technicians can also test fire pumps to confirm they will work properly in a fire emergency. They know how to determine if dry valve systems will activate correctly. These testing services ensure that all sprinklers work as they should. Such tests also help building owners avoid fines and lawsuits.

More About Our Testing Services

Among other things, we can perform testing that meets NFPA 25 standards. It involves four different kinds of tests. They verify that pressure levels are appropriate and sprinkler heads work properly. This service also involves testing the fire department’s sprinkler system connection and the check valve. If any of these tests reveal problems, our employees can take the necessary steps to correct them. For example, we might discover that one of the pipes is blocked. Technicians will work to locate the obstruction and find an efficient way to eliminate it.


The staff at A. Automatic Sprinkler Installations, Inc. is experienced at setting up and repairing sprinklers, so we know how to thoroughly test them. Our technicians have the expertise and equipment needed to fix any problems we identify. The licensed, certified co-owners of this company possess over six decades of combined experience in the sprinkler industry. You can rely on us to make sure this safety equipment serves its purpose and fully complies with New York City’s fire regulations.