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has a fully trained and professional staff that has a professional relationship with the New York City Fire Department and are fully trained in the procedures necessary to correct your “Notice of Violation” in the prompt and professional manner you have come to expect from us.

New York City’s fire department may issue violation notices if it finds problems with standpipe or sprinkler systems. This can happen when certain components aren’t painted correctly, maintenance records go missing or the equipment fails to function properly during tests. Property owners need to attend hearings and pay fines if they can’t fix the defects soon. Our violation services correct such problems and allow people to avoid paying penalties or spending time in local courtrooms.

More About Our Violation Services

We can quickly repair faulty components and take other steps to bring your system into compliance. If necessary, our staff will also perform testing to ensure that the problem has been fully addressed. We know how to handle violation notices in a way that prevents fines and minimizes legal hassles. To satisfy fire department requirements, it’s crucial to prepare documentation that verifies a system defect has been eliminated. Paperwork assistance is included with our violation services. This saves time and helps you avoid costly errors.


Automatic Sprinkler Installations works with the local fire department on a regular basis. Our company began serving New York City clients in 2008, so we’re quite familiar with this city’s safety violation system. This makes it possible for our friendly staff to offer prompt assistance and professionally guide you through the process of correcting violations. One of our main goals is to achieve 100 percent client satisfaction. Many decades of combined sprinkler industry experience help to make our violation service especially valuable.